Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Curse That Turned a Blessing !

When you're piss drunk &,
your lungs are in flames..
That's when you realize,
Life is a shame......

You live for nothing....
You die for the same...
Little do we realize..
This is all a game.

I play with you're mind &...
You play with mine...
We all want things done...
Without staying in line...

It's my way, my time...
I need what I need...
I want what I want...
"I get things done at a snap of a finger"..
Is what you wanna flaunt.

I tell you this now..
I tell you this good...
Though I'll make you regret your every action,
I will still make you bloom.

[Written when truly drunk & suddenly everything rhymes with everything]

Friday, March 23, 2007

A Timely Distraction

A Timely Distraction
Reason : - In Al Ain, on my bed, with thoughts of him haunting my sleep J

He who shattered the silence,
He who disturbed my peace,
He who made my will to tumble,
Tonight doth awake my sleep.

He, who’s smile that steals my gaze,
His laugh my abyss sweeps,
His bounce that sets my heart a leap,
And his song that lights my face.

I SUPPOSE I’ve fallen in love with him,
When all I want to be is not,
I pray it to be a mere infatuation,
Nothing more than a beautiful illusion,
Coz I haven’t a clue how he stole my heart,
And all I want is from his clutch for it to depart.

In silence I struggle with myself,
In solitude I salivate and drool,
When in his presence though, I hide my face,
Behind a fa├žade of foolproof.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Perpetual Love

Perpetual Love

Stray thee not from her,
Whose bosom you have tasted,
Bound in chains your soul shall be,
Until the world is wasted.

Let her heart that touched thee,
Never be forgotten,
If it is so, those tears that fall,
Will burn your soul a rotten.

May her eyes that lust thee,
Forever see thy luster,
When both are frail and pulses fail,
May you (both) be gone in a cluster.


*luster = splendour

Monday, August 07, 2006

End Times

End Times
(Some lines inspired by Psalm 129)

Though my back is cut to ribbons,
With their cold and heavy whips,
Yet I stand unshaken,
Though, shattered are my ribs.

Life is getting darker,
With every passing day,
With compassion and love fading away,
And money coming into play.

The cows are killed for leather,
The elephants for their tusk,
There’s no more green in the garden,
And the weather is getting hot.

The bills are rising higher,
But my pay remains the same.
I haven’t eaten many a meals,
But I’m wearing Levi’s Jeans.

The world is coming to an end,
Sooner than it’s time,
Feels like He's given up on us,
And our selfish empty lines.

USA looks bold and strong today,
But it’ll crumble down one day,
Cities burned, people killed,
It’s all gonna end someday.

Everything seems futile,
Like King Solomon once said,
Being the man of multitude strengths,
I wonder, why he felt what he felt.

May be its time we look further,
Beyond the icing of this cake,
Set our eyes firmly on him,
And not on the roaring waves.

Futility and darkness,
Overtakes us once in while,
But set your eyes on the Universe,
It’d gladly be your guide.


Monday, July 24, 2006

That Ancient Picture of HIM

That Ancient Picture of HIM

There’s a picture of him scratched on her mind,
The ink is dark and bold are the lines,
Thin sharp jaw and dark lanky frame,
Eyes that twinkle putting the stars to shame.

She finally knows that He really does exist,
But why is he so distant and so far out of reach.
Why is he this silent, doesn’t he ever speak !
She can’t bear the stillness, her patience’ at it’s peak.

She gets to know him a little more each day,
Each little detail amazes her beyond mere words could say,
Whilst her days are filled with thoughts of him,
Little does he know that she even exists !

What if she loses him? What will become?
Will those tears start running, will that body go numb,
Two is company three is a crowd,
How can she lose something she never has found?

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Explosion of a Bleeding Soul

Explosion of a Bleeding Soul

It’s been sometime since we spoke…
It’s been awhile since we, together felt the rain,
Do you even miss me?
Tell me…do you? Do you ever, see my face in your dreams,
Do you ever? feel me when it gets lonely over there……
Have you ever seen through me? Have you…..
It feels like you never….

My head spins, whenever I hear you voice, It spins…
My world keeps crumbling down…
Every time you make your way back to me, So don’t…
I keep, living and dying and living and dying and dying ,
Dying and dying… over and over…again….over and over….
Back on my feet and there I crumble….again….

Do you see what you’re doing? Do you even realize?
It’s a strain to stay alive…..sane…alive… breathing…
Blood ain’t always warm…these veins are running dry…..
Ever heard me cry? Seen those tears stain my eyes?
Loved me, like I did…
Love you…Have you ever?

I’ve made mistakes, but I’ve apologized,
Never hidden my face, behind dark blinds,
Walk away, I have nothing to do with you,
A coward, I’d rather not know,
Love me not……..
Walk away
Your lil girl, is not me, is not here…
Tell me…what’s going on?
Tell me….Who are you?
What are you?
Reveal…..get away…..
Before they consume your soul..
Walk away…
Don’t look this way……
Walk away…..
It hurts……..
Take this pain with you……….


Saturday, February 25, 2006

My Reason

My Reason (Based on Psalms 40)

I remember my yesterday,
Paralyzed in darkness I lay,
Before you came to me,
And whispered that you loved me.

You’ve healed me completely,
And washed away the impurity,
I feel like a newborn baby,
Free of the pain of yesterday..

Your love has set me free,
Set me free to dance for thee.
My heart is filled with joy,
I’m your humble warrior, Ahoy!
Someday soon the world will see,
How graciously I can dance for thee.

Feelings of obscurity is still raw,
Like a shadow, they wait to gnaw,
I’m tired of dancing on the wild side,
In your loving arms let me reside.

Work in me day and night, sweet Universe,
Don’t leave my sight, not now, not ever
You! And only you, is the reason for living,
Be my reason, my strength & my energy till the end of time.